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Because of the confusion found in our culture and society concerning various issues and beliefs the Consistory of the Cloverdale United Reformed Church seeks in this document to clearly communicate our position on these various issues.

We believe that it is the fundamental duty of the church to preach the gospel, faithfully administer the sacraments, and seek to make and nurture disciples of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the basis for all that the church believes and teaches both in faith and in practice is the infallible and inerrant Holy Bible.

We believe that Scripture's authority extends to all that it teaches and binds our consciences, theories and behavior.

We believe that to set aside God's Word invalidates the church's total witness to the world and makes obedient adherence to the Great Commission impossible.

In the following statements, we wish to explain our position on a related number of issues facing the church and in society today.

Note: For many previous statements we are indebted to the faculty and Board of Westminster Theological Seminary of California and the Consistory of the First U.R.C. of Chino, California who have published some of these statements for their own purposes.  On the other hand, however, this is our statement as it is printed, and it is not intended to speak for the Westminster community or for the First Chino U.R.C.


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